My socialism: part 1

I understand that there are a great many currents in socialism, all of which seem to be very cliquish, I suppose because it’s a small movement at least in America it is. But I would say that if anything my views apporach that of a liberatrian socialist, but I refuse to say that I am that before I’m dragged into some sort of fight about party dogma. Basic goals, are that America and the world successfully. Make the transition from capitialism into a market socialism, the into full communism

Steps toward this goal

First we must tackle the capitalists most handy tools of oppression: racism, nationalism, and misogyny. I assume that the best method for this is by filling up our childrens tv shows and book and other media with messages against these. For that matter any media, it’s so necessary that people be able to see what equality looks like before they can enact it. I know that there will be someone on here that disagrees with this paragraph, but you know, you can show people a culture which oppress, or one that liberates. What would be so awful if we showed our children a world where we treat everyone equally? It is hopeful that this next generation in co-operation with the more liberal in our own might carry out the next steps.


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