Racism and Nationalism, the enemies of progress

As a socialist, I am somewhat required to be firmly set against both racism and nationalism. This isn’t to say that there aren’t a large number fo other reasons that I’m against them, but I’ll look at the socialist reasons first. I’ll start with racism first, its a sort of intro to nationalism. In any sort of racism, there’s a necessary demeaning of the group which is hated, and they recieve a set of stereotypes which make them out to be inferior to the dominant group. This hatred is usually acted upon by denying them oppurtunities, sometime segregation as well, oftentimes violence. B ack to the part in the sentence about oppurtunities, using the United States as an example, you couldn’t go to college, you might not be able to make it past middle school, you could never do anything besides a menial job, you would never have access to quality medical care since you couldn’t be at the same hospital. The problem is that when create the underclass, and it’s racial defined as it, when the workers come to demand equal rights, to deman ownership of the means of production, no one will listen. Since the poor are still even today though of as “those lazy niggers,” if that’s still our mindset, how can anyone accept the socialist values of  enjoyment of the full benefits of labor, and the necessity of labor, if they cannot understand that the people pushing for this change do in fact work. When you have a mindset like it makes it easy to write off any workers movement as just a conspiracy for a handout, as opposed to what it realy is, a method by which the workers would be rightly compensated for their labor.

Nationalism function in a very similar way, it’s sort fo the racism of cramped nations. Nationalism as it has been commonly practiced is the belief that some particular area of land, or nation-state can only belong to one group, or perhaps a number of similar enough groups that they don’t hate each other. But the point is, both of them carry the narrow definition of, all the good stuff is for us, and none of it is for you. The dynamics occur which with nationalism as with racism and the two are very closely aligned. Look at the protest of illegal immigrants, every loves to go out there and hold up signs denouncing illegal immigration and rants about the number of Mexican crossin the border. The fervor of the people is too great for me not to believe that they are not racist, especiaaly given the location of a large number of these protest (the south) and given the age and color of the men usually present. They may in fact be guinenly angry, maybe they did lay that man off to hire an illegal, I’ll give him that. But, why listen to the rhetoric, why become incensed with the Mexican unless you hated before he even arrived, or unless you have been mislead? He came here, most likely because after NAFTA opened up the Mexican to American corn, there market was flooded with our very cheap goods, this led many small farmers to go bankrupt. Mostly likely the immigrants was one such person, he has no job in Mexico, suddenly he sees an ad floating around about coming to America to get a job, which he does. Of course when he comes here, he finds that he is being exploited by the corporation, and hated by the people where he lives, because he “stole the job”.  You hate, and all the while, the capitalist is very happy that he exploited both of you very nicely, and has done himself even better that you (the white man) don’t know it.

This is the problem that these two create, false class consciousness, the lower classes don’t recognize that the upper classes are to blame for their predicament, because they have been made to believe that it’s some other group that caused it. This is the most major problem with these two, they prevent people from adequately addressing the inequites that capitalism causes, becasue they become clouded in so many other things.


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