Socialism in America

Now despite the fact that most people in Amereica assume that Socialism entails some form of state capitalism, but state capitalism and socialism are two antithetical items. This is why, socialism first and foremost demands that they the workers and\or the people own the mean of production. The reasoning for this is that the power should not be concentrated In the hands of the elite, but in the people. To this end the workers and the people should benefit from their efforts, not a priviliged few who own the means of production.

State capitalism re-creates the dynamics of capitalism, the names are only changed. The elite in state capitalism are factory managers and government officials. The workers are allowed to receive the full product of their labor, it instead goes to the state.

As a socialist I advocate the end of capitalism in all its forms. State capitalism will be one of the easiest forms of capitalism to end since we have a representative form of government and nominally own these government corporations.

Therefore I propose that we demand that corporations such as the TVA and other such corporations be taken out of the hands of government, and be given to the workers and the people to manage.

Please ask for specifics, I’m happy to explain myself.