There are a great many narratives which are detrimental to the American workers, but perhaps the most detrimental is the story of the lazy poor person. It is a course a fallacy. Most of the people in the United States who are poor, work. But then you tell them that, and they’ll begin to make of fun of people in “Menial jobs”. “Oh they didn’t work hard enough, so they are poor now.” How lazy are they when they spend hours preparing. The food you eat while earning much less than you do. It ignores the facts, every job is necessary, someone has to make the hamburgers. But everyone does not have to be poor. Someone takes all he money those workers make, that is why they are poor. If the workers owned their corporation, everyone would be payed a living wage.


2 Responses to Classism

  1. Thomas says:

    What fallacy is that? Also those who work menial jobs are not necessarily lazy, but many are uneducated or unskilled. This can be because they did not work hard in high school, didn’t have money for college, etc. The uneducated and unskilled can learn new skills and educate themselves, and move up the corporate ladder. If they do not that is their loss. Anyone can cook hamburgers. Not everyone can run and manage finances and business, so the skilled person is more valuable and so should be rewarded more.

    • amsocialist says:

      No, that really isn’t right. Regardless of havin been to college or not, if you put in the time you should be rewarded for your labor. Your explanation ignores the fact that everyone can’t occupy the jobs which you refer to, not because they don’t have the skills, but because inherently someone must do “menial jobs” everyone can’t be a doctor or a lawyer. Aside from the fact that even if you get an “education” the person who owns the company still makes hundred of times more than you without doin any work.

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