Socialism in America

Now despite the fact that most people in Amereica assume that Socialism entails some form of state capitalism, but state capitalism and socialism are two antithetical items. This is why, socialism first and foremost demands that they the workers and\or the people own the mean of production. The reasoning for this is that the power should not be concentrated In the hands of the elite, but in the people. To this end the workers and the people should benefit from their efforts, not a priviliged few who own the means of production.

State capitalism re-creates the dynamics of capitalism, the names are only changed. The elite in state capitalism are factory managers and government officials. The workers are allowed to receive the full product of their labor, it instead goes to the state.

As a socialist I advocate the end of capitalism in all its forms. State capitalism will be one of the easiest forms of capitalism to end since we have a representative form of government and nominally own these government corporations.

Therefore I propose that we demand that corporations such as the TVA and other such corporations be taken out of the hands of government, and be given to the workers and the people to manage.

Please ask for specifics, I’m happy to explain myself.


3 Responses to Socialism in America

  1. Hi, I am more of a social democrat, and I am just wondering how capitalism could end. I understand that corporations are “people” and that they have “people” rights. Even if every corporation was owned by the people working in it, how would we prevent new corporations from being created? And how would we switch to a socialist form of government? I saw your post on that Rogue Government “What is Socialism” post, and I abhor what that guy is saying. Socialism does not mean loss of freedom/liberty if we do it correctly. I just want to know how you think this will work.

    • amsocialist says:

      Allow me to begin with several premises: 1.Armed revolutions have never been successful and never will be successful, 2.Revolutions of any sort are not inevitable, they must be brought about by human agency.

      Since I have noticed that armed revolutions and protest movements are ineffective at changing the system, I look for other routes to changing the system. I soon found what I believe is the path of least resistance: growing capitalism out of existence.

      Since I noticed that revolutions require human agency, I sought a find a democratic organization which could bring about such a change.I feel that various collective organizations would be best to act as a “vanguard”. A worker’s collective in this case is defined as an organization in which all workers are shareholder, and all workers are paid according to their effort, their effort being determined by the most objective means possible.

      Given all of this information, I believe that the first step to ending capitalism will be the founding of a worker’s collective which produces raw materials, preferably by recycling.Once the entity is formed, two things should happen: 1.all the workers in this collective should join the IWW, association of worker’s collectives should be formed. The workers join the International Workers of the World will assist the end of Capitalism by helping to create a functional socialist union which would represents all workers not just certain professions, thus eliminating jurisdictional fights and union competition. The aforementioned worker’s collective and all other worker’s collectives will have the best chance for growth by franchise. That is, the current members of the workers collective will invest money for a expansion, some money will be borrowed, and some money will be put up by any workers who will need to be hired in the expansion. The purpose of the Worker’s collective association will be primarily to pool the money of existing workers’ collectives to help start new worker’s collectives. The worker’s collective association will also: provide money to help member grow, store money to help pay for worker’s retirements in poor financial times, and store money keep ailing companies afloat during poor financial times. The money which the association loans will be targeted primarily at the most impoverished areas of whichever country it resides, this will both alleviate poverty and persuade those who usually hat socialism the most that it will benefit them. Larger efforts will occur to turn small private businesses into worker collectives. Efforts will also be focused at creating worker’s collectives specializing in media, art, and sports, so worker’s collectives will have greater visibility. All of these things should remove a great percentage of capitalist businesses.

      The last step is to abolished state capitalism, to do this, I believe that advocacy on the part of the IWW and citizens of the nation could convince politicians to place government corporations into the hands of the people and the workers. In other words, the “publicizing” of government corporations, in that you as a citizen would be able to directly negotiate with the workers of Amtrak to build a new route, or change a policy.

      These two approaches I believe could eradicate capitalism and lead us into a first phase of socialism, one known as market socialism. I believe it is the most feasible because it represents the least possible change while still holding with core socialist beliefs.

      Best regards,

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